From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Please find on this website a collection of my writings principally containing all those I included under the umbrella title ‘The Arsenal of Grace‘ produced up to 29/10/2005 and have not changed since.

Select the page from those listed across the menu at the top of the page or columns below it, then hover over a subject title shown, blue and underlined, and click open. Then be patient.  All documents are now embeded within the page so no requirement to download Word documents

The Arsenal of Grace: 93 separte articles totalling 400 A4 pages, ~360,00 words

Communion: My writings over the years on my most important topic

In addition: Further articles, emails, and other documents I am happy to make public

For information about me go to ’The Arsenal of Grace’ cover article, Facebook or LinkedIn, or to my mental health testimony, summer 2005, RethinkPersonalArticle

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