From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

ArsenalLetter: A Letter to Chairman of Arsenal Football Club 2003 (14 pages)

Edelman: Letter to managing director of Arsenal Football Club 2003 (2 pages)

ArsenalLament: After 10-year Bond deal, season-ticket price goes from £316 to £1,220 p.a. (2 pages)

Tottenham3ManCity4: Perhaps the greatest game ever played? (5 pages)

WengerLetter: 48 reasons for plan B, 38 transgressions of the Arsenal way (7 pages)

For further documents relating to Arsenal Football Club go to In Addition, Arsenal

SportSocietyBehaviour: A few initial thoughts on Sport v Society comparisons (1 page)

BridgeIntroduction: An basic explanation of how to play Bridge (2 pages)

BridgeTips: My system for Bidding and play, with Tips on the game (8 pages)

RubbertoDuplicate: Explanation of Duplicate Bridge for Rubber Bridge players (1 page)