From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Male-Female Interaction, N.B. not romantic love, sex, or relationship (50 Pages)

MFIntroduction :Introduction (4 pages)

MFContents: Contents (1 page)

MFBiblicalPlatform: A Biblical Platform for Male-Female Interaction (2 pages)

MFPracticalTips 38 sections of detailed practical tips (17 pages)

MFHeresy: Common Heresy: don’t meet up if you don’t want to marry (4 pages)             

MFHumour: Humour

MFGuidelines: Possible guidelines for an agreement (2 pages)

MFObservations: Observations of behaviour amongst singles (13 pages)

MFGeneralAppendices: Summary and Appendices (7 pages)

MFInteractionReview: Review of above document two years later (11 pages)

Marriage: A brief look at some aspects of marriage (2 pages)