From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

RethinkPersonalArticle My personal medical story as published by Rethink (1 page)

MentalIllnessIntro: Introduction to this section on Mental Illness (1 page)

Ward33: My recollections of my time on Leicester Psychiatric Ward 33 (13 pages)

AdvicefortheMentallyIll: My advice for the mentally ill and their carers (2 pages)

IllnessInfo: Information about my illness, manic depression now bi-polar (2 pages)

ExperienceLifetime: My initial review afterwards of my first episode of illness (1 page)

Pablo: Soundbites from Pablo Martinez on Stress at Word Alive Easter 2002 (1 page)

MDF: A letter to the chairman of the Manic Depression Fellowship (now Bi-PolarUK) (2 pages)

GillonAnon: Letters from a ‘suicidal’ friend and my response (3 pages)

PsychiatricQuestions: A selection of ‘difficult’ questions for a psychiatrist (1 page)

IllnessTape: Transcript of 90-minute tape recording of my first manic chat (11 pages)