From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Cover Page: About me, my writings, prayerful wish, invitation, who I am. (2 pages)

Introduction: My aim, context, claim, disclaimer, thank-you, bibliography. (2 pages)

Contents: List of my writings in ‘The Arsenal of Grace‘ as originally ordered. (2 pages)

WhyListen? To me? Justification of my writings, and why you should listen. (2 pages)

MalvernLetter: Summary of my life since leaving school in 1984 until 2001. (2 pages)

Testimony: The story of how I say I came to be a Christian (2 pages)

SilasShadid: My first encounter with the idea of there being a God on Inter-rail in Europe 1984. (1 page)

Gospel: My attempt at ‘A summary of the Gospel’. (2 pages)

NigelsPersonality: Results of an online American IQ Test that I completed. (6 pages)

RethinkPersonalArticle: Personal Medical Testimony. (1 page)