From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

MemoryVerses: Basic Bible verses used in my All Souls beginners group. (1 page)

BibleTruthTreasuryVerses: Verses quoted in the Open Home, Open Bible, course. (18 pages)

JesusSayings: Short quotes of Jesus, – what I am in Christ. (3 pages)

OtherBasicVerses: Other basic verses worth knowing (1 page)

TheHolySpirit: A compilation of His characteristics and aspects. (3 pages)

TRUST: A selection of verses about trust. (1 page)

Peace: An early piece of my writing, perhaps before I became a Christian. (1 page)

QuotesLiterature: A list of religious quotes from English Literature. (1 page)

Nigelisms: Some quotations I have invented. (1 page)

UCB: Line summaries of nine months of Daily Notes from UCB. (9 pages)