From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

The Arsenal of Grace‘ is actually the title of a chapter in Philip Yancey’s famous book.

TheArsenalofGrace: Short summary of quotes from my three chosen books. (4 pages)

TheRoadLessTravelled: Quotes from M.Scott Peck’s famous book. (5 pages)

Yancey: Quotes from Philip Yancey’s famous book ‘What is so amazing about Grace?‘ (3 pages)

TotalForgiveness: Quotes from R.T.Kendall’s defining book. (3 pages)

FurtherGrace: A list of some of the further aspects of Grace. (3 pages)

FurtherEvangelical: The challenge to evangelicals posed by Grace. (1 page)

FurtherMaleFemale: A brief look at the challenge posed by grace in Male-Female interaction. (1 page)

AGracefulLife: Aspects related to living a Graceful Life. (1 page)