From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Handshake: Metaphor of God’s offer of salvation as being like a handshake. (2 pages)

Oneanother: List of Bible verses including the phrase ‘one another’. (7 pages)

OnlyOneSin: There is only one sin and only one command. (2 pages)

TheUnforgivableSin: About the only sin that is unforgivable. (3 pages)

Hypocrisy: To be an actor, false, contradictory, and unloving. (1 page)

Welcoming: Having a loving attitude towards others in the heart. (1 page)

Sexoftheheart: Looking at the metaphor between sex and loving one another. (1 page)

GodsWillSovereignty: The relationship between God’s will and His Sovereignty. (1 page)

Groups1to1: Comparison of the benefits of Group and one-to-one Fellowship. (1 page)

MHHandbook: Christian problem-solving and dealing with suffering. (2 pages)

ManatsideofRoad: Never underestimate the person at the side of the road. (1 page)

QuietTime: The staple diet of the committed evangelical, the quiet time. (1 page)

PastoralCare: The practical out-working of our love for one another. (2 pages)

Poikilothermia: The gradual build up to an outcome that would not happen abruptly. (1 page)