From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Queen: A letter that I wrote to Her Majesty the Queen in July 2000. (1 page)

Archbishop:  A letter that I wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002. (1 page)

StottLetters, StottPerspective, Stott2006: Letters to John Stott, and my perspective of him. (10 pages)

ConfirmationLetter: A letter I sent to a neighbour upon her confirmation. (1 page)

Mission94-95, Mission95-96: Letters I sent out to All Souls missionaries. (4 pages, 4 pages)

MensaArticle, MensaBell: An article in Mensa magazine that I replied to. (3 pages, 1 page)

Peniel: My experience at Peniel College, a cult church once in the media. (2 pages)

UnitedCatholicProt: Reasons/motivations for Catholics and Protestants to unite. (1 page)

EagleExcerpt: From St. John’s College President’s benefactors address 1999. (1 page)