From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Thanks&prayer: Thanksgiving and prayers at the beginning of Paul’s Letters -> Friendship. (6 pages)

10thAnniversaryPrayers: My prayer requests at my 10th Christian anniversary. (1 page)

PartyQuestions, Jokes, AfterPartyEmail: 10th Anniversary Party. (2 pages, 1 page, 1 pages)

Father: My father’s review of an alpha course he went on. (2 pages)

LentFather: My father’s review of a series of Lent talks. (1 page)

FatherLent: My response to my father’s letter. (2 pages)

Grandfather: My grandfather’s writing, beliefs, ‘dedication’ of my father. (6 pages)

10thFamily: My letter to my family for my 10th Christian anniversary. (1 page)