From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

Arsenal Ladies UEFA Final: 1st leg Report, Arsenal Ladies UEFA Final 2007. (2 pages)

ArsenalLadiesNames: Historical names of some Arsenal Ladies Players. (1 page)

ArsenalAsuncion: Photo of me at Arsenal station, Paraguay, 1987. (1 page)

ArsenalQueen: Arsenal are the first club to be invited to Buckingham Palace. (1 page)

ArsenalLiverpoolCL08: Report on both legs of 2008 Champions League Tie. (6 pages)

GallasQuestions: Questions for Arsenal Captain William Gallas. (1 page)

NamesColours: Connections – Names, Colours, Dates, and the Bible. (4 pages)

RefereesCardBias: List of reasons a referee may be biased in using cards. (1 page)

SendoffPen: Question of going down to ten men prior to a penalty shoot-out. (1 page)

This is just a small selection of the numerous documents on Arsenal I have written and collected over the years, – perhaps someday I will put up some more.