From Nigel B Bird, West London. UK

Links to my collection of writings

20thSpiritualBirthday: My summary of 20 years of Christian life 19/4/2012. (10 pages)

DawkinsGodDelusion: My rebuttal of Richard Dawkins attack on Christianity. (10 pages)

StottAugust06: My letter to Revd John Stott in 2006.

Thelastcry: My interpretation of Jesus words on the cross ‘Eli, Eli, …..’. (1 page)

LordsPrayer: An interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer. (2 pages)

WeedsTares: A look at the theology of the end times. (1 page)

DeathFootball: A look at the very public near death of footballer Francis Muamba. (4 pages)